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Operation Christmas Child

  • operation christmas child
    The Drop-Off day for this years boxes to reach the children has past. Here is the GREAT news, you can send in boxes anytime of the year! Just ask me!

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  • Amy's Images

All About Me

  • My First Birthday!
    In this section you will find layouts that I have created about myself, a lot will be when I was young. I was lucky that my family took so many pictures of me, and I am grateful I have them to work with.


  • 1 Pain Of Christmas
    Blake is the son of my best friend April. I can hardly believe that it was five years ago that April was pregnant with Blake. Blake is the first baby of any of my very close friends, he will always be special in my heart.


  • I Will Remember You
    Cassie was my companion for half of my life. On October 17, 2005 Cassie died, and a little bit of my heart died as well. I did a layout today on the first anniversary of his death, it was difficult, but I am glad that I did. Until now I was not even able to look at his pictures, I can now and I plan on making more layouts in tribute to him.

Keyaira and Family

  • Thoughts
    I first heard about Keyaira from my mother. Mom used to work with her dad, Keyaira is probably about 3 years old now and is facing the battle of her life. She has leukemia, but the last I heard is she is doing pretty good. It is an honor to be able to make these layouts for Keyaira and her family.


  • Elisabeth's Smile
    I have had the honor to work with many wonderful pictures of children whose parents I met online. These are the layouts that I made with these beautiful pictures, and I thank you all for your generosity.

Layouts With Denise Docherty's Designs

  • Embrace Life
    I think the first day that I found Digital Scrapbooking, which was almost 2 years ago, I have adored Denise's amazing style and design. Being able to work with her beautiful creations makes my job a lot easier *smile* Since she was my first favorite designer, and I have found many wonderful designers who I adore since then, she remains my favorite to this day. I wanted to honor my passion of her work so I created this album dedicated just to layouts I have made with her work. It also reminds me of the excitement I felt when I discovered digital scrapbooking, it has changed my life.

Malaya and Friends

  • Malaya, forgive me now?
    Well since Malaya (May-May) came into my life on November 1, 2005 I think she is the most photographed kitty (not a cat, but still a small one) in the world! This is her, and a few friends added in for some fun!

My Family

  • Miracle
    This section is decicated to all of my layouts that I have created with my family. My mom had 13 Brother's and Sister's. You never know what you may find in here.

My Friends

  • Welcome Home Opal
    In this section you will find the layouts I have made in tribute to all of my wonderful friends. I hope you enjoy it!

Self-reflective Work

  • Raw
    I use my digital scrapping to help me through a lot of things in my life. In this section is all of my Self-reflective work, some is really tough to read and was hard for me to write. In the end, they have all helped me in someway and I am happy I have this outlet to express my feelings and thoughts.


  • Sofia and the Swing
    What can I say about Sofia... She is a major focus of my work. She is able to inspire me with all of her beautiful pictures. Sofia is the daughter of my best friend April, and I am truly thankful to her for being so generous with her photo's of Sofia. When I am having a day where I am not feeling creative, I can look at her photos and always be inspired to make a layout. The camera loves her, just as much as she loves it. Sofia is a true little angel on this earth!

Various Goodies

  • The Joke Is On ME!
    Take a look, who knows what you might find *smile*
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  • Mattaya_bubbles600sm
  • Elisabeth600sm
  • Sofia_the_swing
  • Brooke_1med
  • Petradreamaustraliasmall
  • Raw_eyesmall
  • Ourlittlestarsmall
  • Madisons_brith_with_eddy_and_debbiemed
  • Juliearobxmas2006small
  • Christmas2006017
  • Cute_factorsmall